Removals to Australia

Removals to Australia

Removals to Australia

Australia has always been a popular place to relocate for British expats, and it’s hardly surprising why that would be the case. Amazing weather, beautiful scenery, ample job opportunities, and a shared language are just some of the reasons more than one million Brits have set up home in the country.


Here at Movewise, we have assisted thousands of customers with their removals to Australia over the years. These are just a few of the most popular locations we have helped them move to…


Australia’s capital city is a great place to move to if you want to enjoy a thriving, cosmopolitan city without feeling hemmed in by urban expansion. Despite being the capital of the country, Canberra has a popular of under 400,000, which is barely a large town by UK standards. It’s a popular choice for expats looking to move abroad with a family, thanks to its affordable housing, cultural attractions, and low crime rates.


The second-oldest city in Australia, Hobart was founded on the banks of the Derwent River in the south of the country. It benefits from cooler temperatures than much of the rest of Australia, making it attractive to British emigrants who aren’t ready to tackle the blazing heat of a down-under summer. Life in the city runs at a relaxed pace, making it a popular choice for retirees, and also boasts the most affordable housing in the country.


Often referred to as Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne plays hosts to art and music festivals, galleries and museums, and a seemingly-endless parade of bars, clubs, and eating establishments. A truly multicultural city, its residents arrive there from all over the world. While the cost of living is higher than much of Australia, there are ample opportunities for employment across a wide variety of sectors, making it an attractive options for expats with marketable skills.


If you’re looking to live and work in Australia, then your best bet is to head for Sydney. The country’s largest city, with around 5 million residents, it offers plenty of opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers alike. Sydney itself is an incredible city to live in, with iconic sights like Bondi Beach and the Sydney Opera House. While the cost of living is the highest in country, the thriving local economy is able to offset that for many of its residents.

Take Advantage of Local Knowledge

Wherever you’re planning to move to, let Movewise Ltd handle your removals to Australia. We use local delivery partners to ensure that all your belongings are transported safely from the cargo ship, direct to your door. We only work with companies we trust – ones that share our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service.


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