Moving from UK to Australia

Moving from UK to Australia

What Happens to Your Belongings When Moving from UK to Australia?

Getting yourself over to Australia is as simple as boarding a plane and withstanding an 18+ hour journey. For your personal belongings that cannot fit in your luggage, it’s a different story, with several key steps along the way.

Here at Movewise Ltd, we provide an end-to-end shipping service for customers moving from UK to Australia. This is what you can expect to happen to your possessions.


Initial Collection

When collecting your belongings from your UK address, our team will make a thorough inspection of your possessions and compile a detailed inventory for Customs purposes. This is to ensure there are no prohibited items included in your belongings and that everything is safe and secure for transport to Australia. Once the necessary paperwork has been completed, we will take all your belongings to our secure storage facility.

Waiting at the Warehouse

If you are benefiting from our shared load (or groupage) service, your belongings will be stored at our secure warehouse facility while we wait for similar consignments from other customers travelling to Australia. While this process can add several weeks to the shipping time, it reduces your freight costs considerably.

From Road to Ship

Once your shipping container has been filled to capacity, it is loaded onto one of our specialist lorries and taken by road to the appropriate port for transportation to Australia.

Sea Freight

By far the most efficient way of your possessions moving from UK to Australia (certainly in terms of cost) is by ship. Your shipping container will be loaded aboard a freight vessel bound for the country, where it will spend around 40 days at sea. When it makes landfall in Australia, it will be inspected by a customs officer, who will make good use of our shipping documentation and paperwork.

Collection by Local Delivery Partner

Upon passing through Australian Customs and Excise, your shipping container will be held at a storage facility within easy reach of the port. We have trusted local delivery partners in the area, who handle the last leg of the journey for you. They will collect your belongings from the storage facility, driving them overland to your new home – all part of our door-to-door shipping service.


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When you ship your belongings with Movewise Ltd, you can be sure that they are in safe hands while moving from UK to Australia. To discuss your requirements with a member of our team, or to get a unique, no-obligation quote for our services, contact us today on 01543 525 895, or send us an email to