Removal Companies UK to Australia

Removal Companies UK to Australia

Should I Use Removal Companies When Moving from UK to Australia?

Removal companies play a key role in any move from the UK to Australia. After all, how else can you expect to transport all of your most important personal belongings from one side of the world to the other?

As one of the country’s leading international removal companies, the team at Movewise Ltd knows a thing or two about shipping people’s possessions all over the globe. For decades, we have helped our customers moving from the UK to Australia, handling everything from packing and paperwork to shipping and delivery.


These are just some of services we provide:

A Door-to-Door Service

Moving your personal effects to your new home abroad is more complicated than you might think. At least, it is when you try to do it alone. You need to arrange transport over land and sea, including all the necessary paperwork to get your belongings through Customs and Excise checks. You also need to make sure that each link in the shipping chain knows what’s happening and when to get involved. With reliable removal companies like Movewise, you can leave those problems with their experienced logistics experts. We work closely with you, our favoured overseas haulage freight companies, and trusted local delivery partners in Australia to make your move a smooth one.

Cost-Effective Shipping

Organising your own shipping from the UK to Australia is an expensive business. Overseas freight companies charge a flat rate per shipping container, so often you will find yourself paying over the odds for a container that is left mostly empty. By shipping your belongings with Movewise Ltd, you can take advantage of our groupage (or shared shipping) solutions. We send your belongings over with those of other customers, allowing you to split the shipping costs between you.

A Complete Shipping Service

There’s more to getting your possessions to Australia than the shipping element and we can help you here too. We assist with paperwork and inventories, as well as dismantling your furniture and packing up your belongings. Our decades of experience in the shipping trade means we know the best and safest way to prepare your items for their long voyage.

Safe, Secure Shipping

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of shipping your items from the UK to Australia with Movewise Ltd is being able to keep track of their progress at every stage. Instead of liaising with multiple points of contact through the journey, you can see where your belongings are at any time through our online portal. We also ensure that your possessions are fully-insured for the length of their journey.

Get in touch

If moving from the UK to Australia, you can rely on Movewise Ltd as one of the country’s foremost removal companies to get the job done. Call the team today on 01543 525 895, or send us an email to and see what we can do for you.