Removals to Australia Costs

Removals to Australia Costs

What Are The Costs of Removals to Australia?

For any UK citizen looking to arrange their removals to Australia, costs are a major consideration. As well as flights, overland transfers, rent, and other relocation costs, you need to put aside some money to cover the shipping and delivery of your personal items.


Here at Movewise Ltd, we help UK residents sort out their removals to Australia – costs included. We have been assisting our customers in this manner for decades, delivering cost-effective international removal services to people from all over the country. These are some of the most common removal costs you can expect to encounter.

Removals to Australia: Shipping Costs

When shipping your removals to Australia, costs are worked out by volume, with the overall price depending on how much space your belongings take up in a shipping container. Since most shipments to Australia are conducted by sea freight, you are charged the cost of a single container, regardless of how well you manage to fill it. This means that smaller consignments end up costing you more. Whether you’re transporting a household’s worth of personal items or just a couple of pieces of furniture, the cost of sending over a shipping container remains the same.

Removals to Australia: Other Costs

As well as the cost of transporting your belongings overseas, you’ll also have to contend with packing your items beforehand and the haulage costs once they make landfall in Australia. Unlike moving house in the UK, international shipments require all items to be properly packed for safety, with their contents fully inventoried for security reasons. At Movewise Ltd, we offer a professional packing service that handles all those details for you. Once they arrive in Australia they will be picked up by our local delivery partners to complete their journey. Given the sheer size of the country (some 32 times the size of the UK) it’s to be expected that lengthy journeys could attract higher transport fees.

Reducing the Cost of Removals to Australia

While there’s little we can do to reduce the packing and overland delivery costs associated with a move to Australia, we can help you lower your shipping fees quite a bit. The easiest way to do so is to share the space in your shipping container with one or more other people who are also heading to Australia. As we already mentioned, international shipping fees are levied per container, rather than by the volume or weight of the contents themselves. At Movewise Ltd, we offered shared (or groupage) shipping. This combines the belongings of two, three, or more of our customers into one shipment, allowing them to split the freight fees between them.


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