Moving Furniture to France

Moving Furniture to France

Cheapest Way to Move Furniture to France

If you need to move furniture to France – or any new country, for that matter – there are plenty of options available to you. Finding the most cost-effective shipping solution isn’t always easy but, with the right advice from seasoned professionals, you will soon be enjoying your furniture in your new home. At Movewise Ltd, we have been helping customers move furniture to France for years and have put together the following useful tips for our customers…

Air Freight

This option is only really valid where money is no object. With cargo space at a premium on shipping flights, transporting large objects like furniture is going to take a large chunk our of your relocation budget. Indeed, depending on the size and weight of your furniture, many shipping firms would struggle even find a place for them on most outgoing flights.

Sea Freight

It is far cheaper to move furniture to France by boat. Since cargo ships are built to a much larger scale that freight aircraft and thanks to their buoyant nature, the size and weight of your furniture is no longer an issue. While the journey will take longer than the same trip by air, the savings you make will more than offset that slight inconvenience.

Solo Load

If you want to move furniture to France by sea, you will need to hire a shipping container. These are charged at a set rate per container, even if you are only shipping a few items, which can often be pricey. This additional cost does ensure that you items are sent over to the continent fairly quickly, however.

Shared Load

Of course, the easiest way to reduce the cost of a shipping container is to share it with somebody else headed in the same direction. Shared loads (or groupage) are arranged by your shipping company. We keep your furniture at our storage facility in the UK until another client is ready to ship their belongings to France as well. We combine your items into a single container, and split the cost accordingly. The more clients who share a given container, the greater the saving.

Cheapest Way to Move Furniture to France

When you are looking to move furniture to France, there is only one real thing to remember – the cheaper the shipping service, the longer it will take. As we have discussed here, a shared load shipped by sea is by far the cheapest method, but can take up to six weeks to reach your new home. Ultimately, it is your decision whether you prefer speed over savings.

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