Removal Companies UK to France

Removal Companies UK to France

Should I Use Removal Companies When Moving from UK to France?

When emigrating from the UK to France, you need to consider just how you’re going to get all your belongings over to your new home. If you plan to move light, you can always pack everything into a couple of suitcases and pay any excess baggage allowance on your outgoing flight. However, if you need to transport larger items like appliances, furniture, and collectables, you’ll need to make alternative arrangements.

There are several possibilities you can choose from but, when you want to get the best value for money, look no further than using international removal companies. At Movewise Ltd, we have been assisting people with their move from the UK to France for decades and they all have their reasons for choosing our range of shipping services.


These are just a few of the most popular ones…

A Door-to-Door Service

The main role of removal companies like Movewise Ltd is to save you the hassle of arranging and co-ordinating delivery from the UK to France. We handle the entire process, using our own teams here in the UK and trusted third parties in France to deliver your items direct to your door.

Cost-Effective Shipping

When you move from the UK to France, you’re generally working to a budget, and a large part of that will be eaten up by your shipping costs. Removal companies can help to subsidise some of those costs by using shared containers, also known as groupage rates. This is one of our recommended services, providing our customers with a significant saving.

A Complete Shipping Service

Removal companies aren’t just there to move your belongings from UK to France. Here at Movewise Ltd, we also offer a range of auxiliary services. These include packing up your belongings prior to shipping, disassembling your furniture, and loading the shipping containers to maximise space. In addition, we also fill in all official paperwork for the journey, such as Customs declarations and shipping labels.

Safe, Secure Shipping

Another important benefit of using removal companies when moving from the UK to France is knowing that your items are secure for the entire trip. We act your sole point of contact throughout your belongings’ journey from home to port, to France, and to your new home. Working with trusted colleagues throughout the process, we always where your possessions are.

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Whenever you intend to move from the UK to France, make Movewise Ltd your international shipping firm of choice. As one of the country’s leading removal companies, we have you covered for all eventualities. For a free, no-obligation quote, or to discuss your various options, call the team on 01543 525 895, or send us an email to