Removals to France Costs

Removals to France Costs

What Are The Costs of Removals to France?

When it comes to removals to France, costs are something your will have to think about. They are a part of your relocation budget that many people of fail to consider, resulting in a significant gap in their finances. So what sort of thing should you be including?

Well, the team at Movewise Ltd has been helping our customers arrange their removals to France – costs and all – for many years. Whatever your removal needs, we can help you find the most cost-effective solution.


Thanks to our considerable experience in this area, we have compiled the following list of common costs you should expect when arranging removals to France.

Removals to France: Shipping Costs

When arranging removals to France, costs of shipping are calculated by volume, based on how much space your belongings take up in cubic metres. Possessions are freighted overseas to the continent in large shipping containers, usually with a set price per unit. For most people, their personal items and furniture rarely fill a shipping container by themselves, resulting in the cost per cubic metre being more expensive for smaller loads.

Removals to France: Other Costs

As well as the shipping fees associated with removals to France, costs also build up for other reasons. When packing your belongings, for instance, you need to ensure that your possessions meet the appropriate standards for international shipping. This often requires the services of a professional packing company. In addition, once your items have arrived in France, there will be additional costs for transporting them overland to your new home.

Reducing the Cost of Removals to France

Keeping your removal to France costs low is all part of the service here at Movewise Ltd. We can arrange for a part load removal service that significantly reduces costs. Rather than despatching your belongings in one go, we wait for another customer who is also relocating to France and send both lots of possessions over in the same crate. You split the shipping costs, saving you a considerable amount of money.

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