Removals to France from UK

Removals to France from UK

Arranging Removals to France from UK Addresses

When relocating to a new country like France, it is important to consider the best way to ship your possessions to your new home. Transporting your life’s belongings to a new life on the continents requires much in the way of planning if you want things to run smoothly.

Fortunately for our customers throughout the UK, Movewise Ltd is here to help.


Removals to France from UK

We have decades of experience arranging removals to France from the UK. These are just some of the most popular services we offer

Packing and Inventory

When moving house in the UK, packing is easy – you can bag and box-up all your belongings and throw them in the back of your car or van. Removals to France from the UK are rather more complicated. Any items intended for international shipping must follow strict guidelines when being packed. Thanks to our long experience in the field, our removals team can handle the packing for you. We will even draw up a detailed inventory of your belongings for the benefit of French customs officers and our own local delivery partners.

Direct Removals to France from UK

Direct shipping is precisely what it sounds like. We collect your belongings, load them into a shipping container, and freight them to the continent on the first available ship. The container is met on the other side of the Channel by our French delivery partners for immediate delivery to your new home. Whilst quick and efficient, this process is notable for being rather expensive, as you are charged a flat rate per shipping container.

Part Load Removals to France from UK

Part load or groupage shipping is a more cost-effective method of sending your belongings abroad. We collate the possessions of several customers starting a new life in France (yourself included) and send them over as a single shipment in the same container. While this results in a slight delay (usually no more than 2-6 weeks) the saving made in shipping costs more than outweighs the inconvenience.

Door-to-Door Removals to France from UK

Whether sent direct or as a part load, once your items arrive in France, they will be picked up by our local delivery partners. These are trusted professionals, with whom we have worked for many years. They share our commitment to exceptional customer service and benefit from a detailed knowledge of the country. This ensures that all shipments are delivered, safe and sound, direct to your door.

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