Moving from UK to Germany

Moving from UK to Germany

What Happens to Your Belongings When Moving from UK to Germany?

If you’re moving from UK to Germany, there are certain things you need to deal with, such as arranging for any furniture, personal items, and other belongings to be shipped to your new home on the continent. The safest and most effective way to do so is to hire an international shipping company, such as Movewise Ltd to handle the situation.


In this article, we discuss what happens to those belongings between your old home in the UK and your new property in Germany.

Initial Collection

When we collect your items for shipping, the first we do is create an inventory. This involves checking the contents of your shipping boxes, compiling a detailed list of same, and completing any paperwork you will need to see them safely through German Customs.

Waiting at the Warehouse

If you have opted for one of our groupage packages (in which your belongings are shipped over with those of other customers to save on transportation costs), your items will be held at our secure storage facility until ready for dispatch. This normally takes a few weeks, during which they are protected via a remotely-monitored CCTV system.

From Road to Ship

Once we have enough items to fill your shared shipping container, the whole thing is loaded onto one of our haulage vehicles for transporting to the relevant departure port. The container is then loaded onboard the freight ship, to be taken to a sister port in Germany.

Sea Freight

There a many ways to ship your belongings when moving from UK to Germany, but sea freight (particularly using shared shipping) is by far the most cost-effective. Your container and its associated paperwork will be loaded safely aboard the ship along with thousands of others. Once it reaches the relevant port in Germany, it will be unloaded to pass through the country’s Customs process.

Collection by Local Delivery Partner

Once your belongings have passed inspection, they will be collected by one of our local agents in Germany. These are local haulage companies, with whom we have a long relationship and who we know share our commitment to quality customer service. They will see to it that your items arrive at your new home in one piece.

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