Removals from UK to Germany

Removals from UK to Germany

Planning Your Removals from UK to Germany

If you’re beginning a new life in Germany – either through a change of job or as a retiree – you need a careful plan if you want a smooth transition. Part of that plan will involve transporting your personal items and belongings to your new home on the continent.

Here at Movewise Ltd, we have been arranging removals from UK to Germany for our customers for years and we know a few things about how to make the process easier.


These are just some of our top tips…

De-cluttering Your Home

Moving to a new country is the ideal time to decide whether or not you really need to keep hold of your belongings. We all have things in our homes that we only keep around out of habit – well, now is you chance to be rid of them. Either gift them to friends and family, donate them to a charity shop, or even sell them on eBay.

Packing Up Your Belongings

Be warned in advance – packing takes time. Even after you’ve successfully decluttered your home, you’ll be surprised at how much is left. Give yourself plenty of time to pack up your belongings and make sure you get in a good supply of bubble wrap, packing tape, and cardboard boxes.

Dismantling Your Furniture

Most modern furniture is designed to be taken apart and put together again and, while the process can be frustrating, it will save you a lot of space in your shipping container. Quite aside from reducing your costs, dismantling your furniture also means it is less likely to be damaged during the journey.

Shipping Times

Unless you have a sizeable shipping budget – enough to cover the high prices commanded by air freight service providers – removals from the UK to Germany take time. Shipping your belongings over in a solo load takes around a week, but can also be pretty pricey. The most budget-friendly option is to use a groupage solution. This shared shipping approach means you split the cost of the shipping container with other people moving to Germany. The downside is that this can take somewhat longer – between 4 and 6 weeks in many cases.

Getting By

With shipping times being what they are, you may need to find a temporary solution for your missing furniture and possession while you wait for them to be transferred to Germany. If you have some available funds, you can pick up some cheap and cheerful furniture locally that can tide you over. If you have a really tight budget, you may need to rough it for a few weeks with sleeping bags and camp beds.

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