Removals to Germany from UK

Removals to Germany from UK

Arranging Removals to Germany from UK Addresses

Planning a move to a new country like Germany requires a certain amount of planning if you want things to go smoothly. Shipping an entire household’s worth of furniture and personal belongings is not something you can attempt lightly. You need professional help from experts in logistics and international shipping to handle your removals to Germany from the UK.


Removals to Germany from UK

With years of experience to our name, Movewise Ltd has much to offer UK customers who are looking to relocate to Germany. These are just some of our more popular services.

Deciding What to Take

This first part of the process is one you need to deal with on your own – what items are you going to be taking with you to Germany? It’s an important consideration, since your shipping costs are largely based on the volume of the belongings you are transporting. Now is a good time to consider lightening the load, either by selling, donating, or gifting those items you no longer need.

Packing and Inventory

Moving house in the UK is a comparatively simply process, as you can load everything into crates and boxes without too many worries. Removals to Germany from the UK, on the other hand, need a little more care. Specifically, international shipping requires that you pack items in a certain manner in order to meet certain safety guidelines. At Movewise Ltd, we can help you with your packing, ensuring everything is safe and secure, ready for shipping. We will also handle your paperwork and Customs documentation.

Direct Removals to Germany from UK

Getting your removals to Germany from the UK means striking a balance between cost and time. The fastest way – direct removals – is also the most expensive. We take your belongings direct to our nearest UK port, where they are loaded onto a ship, taken to Germany and left in the hands of our local delivery partners to complete the journey. Since we are charged a flat rate for every shipping container used, if you only have a few items this can be a costly method of transportation.

Part Load Removals to Germany from UK

A way to reduce costs for removals to Germany from the UK is to split the use of a shipping container between you and another customer (or more). This is known as groupage shipping and, whilst more cost effective, can result is a slight delay in getting your belongings delivered. This is normally between 2 and 6 weeks, which many of our clients consider more than reasonable, considering the saving they make in shipping costs.

Door-to-Door Removals to Germany from UK

Whether you choose groupage or direct shipping, once your belongings arrive in Germany, you need someone to transport them from the port to your new home. At Movewise Ltd, we arrange all of that for you. We use local, German delivery partners to finish the job. These are hand-picked companies with a reputation for excellence, who share our dedication to exceptional customer service.

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