Removals to Germany Part Loads

Removals to Germany Part Loads

Arranging Removals to Germany in Part Loads

If you want to ship your personal belongings to Germany, you need to use a shipping container. Thousands of these travel between Britain and Europe every day and shipment fees are normally based on a flat rate per container. This means that, whether you’re transporting an entire house’s worth of furniture and belongings, or a few choice items, you’ll be paying the same fee.

If your personal effects won’t fill an entire shipping container, there’s no need to pay extra for the wasted space when arranging your removals to Germany – part loads are a cost-effective alternative.


Removals to Germany – Part Loads

Part load – or groupage – removals are a simple an efficient solution to paying over-the-odds on shipping costs. Instead of transporting your belongings to Germany in their own shipping container, we combine your items with those of another customer (or customers) and send everything over in one go. The single cost of the shipping container is then split between however many clients are making use of it, which can result in a significant reduction in price.

Pros and Cons of Part Load Removals to Germany

The main advantage of our groupage shipping service is the savings you make in transportation costs. While the fees are split, you still receive the same high standard of service that you would expect from international shipping professionals, with decades of experience like Movewise Ltd. Of course, with reduced costs come extended delivery times. Since we have to wait for all our customers’ shipments to be ready before we can load the container onto the ship, this can result in a delay – usually between 2 and 6 weeks.

Are Shared or Part Load Removals to Germany Right for Me?

This is a question only you can answer. Do you need your furniture and other belongings in Germany immediately, or are you able to make do with what you have for a few extra weeks? If you have some basic furniture in your new home, then you can save a lot of money in shipping fees with part load removals. A direct shipment will be quicker of course, but the costs will be significantly higher.

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