Moving from UK to Italy

What Happens to Your Belongings When Moving from UK to Italy?

When moving from the UK to Italy, there are plenty of things you need to think about. Is your new accommodation in order? Has all your paperwork been correctly filled in? Are your flights and transfers booked? What’s going to happen to your furniture and belongings?

This last one is something that we know all about here at Movewise, since we’ve been helping people who are moving from the UK to Italy for decades. We understand how big a move this might be for you and how anxious you might be about your personal effects crossing a continent without you. In this article, we explain what happens to your possessions during that time.


Initial Collection

First things first – we need to pick up your belongings from your UK address. We can help with packing and dismantling of furniture if asked for at the time of booking. We will also check your inventory (a list of all your items) to ensure you haven’t accidentally included any prohibited items. Once we satisfied that everything is as it should be, we loaded your belongings onto one of our removal trucks and take it to our storage facility.

Waiting at the Warehouse

If you’re taking advantage of our shared shipping service, we keep hold of your belongings until we have gathered enough loads from other customers to fill an entire shipping container. This process can take several weeks, but does save you a lot in shipping costs.

From Road to Ship

Once we have a full shipment ready to roll, we take it from our storage facility to the appropriate port for shipping to Italy. Once the container has been signed off by the ship company, we will send you a notification that your possessions are on their way.

Sea Freight

When moving from the UK to Italy, sea freight is by far the most cost-effective method of shipping your belongings. The ship will travel into the Mediterranean with your shipping container onboard, alongside thousands of others. Once it reaches Italy, it may be inspected by local customs’ officers, which is why filling in the initial paperwork is so crucial.

Collection by Local Delivery Partner

After passing through Customs, your belongings are held at another storage facility, this time in Italy. Our trusted local delivery partner will receive a call telling them your shipment has arrived and they will to collect it and deliver it direct to your door.

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