Moving Furniture to Italy

Moving Furniture to Italy

Moving Furniture to Italy

There are plenty of ways that you can go about moving furniture to Italy and, here at Movewise, we are familiar with them all. We can help you find the shipping solution that makes most sense to you. Whether your priority is saving time, saving money, or walking a line between the two, our experienced international shipping experts are here to guide you through your options.


These are just a few of the things that you need to consider…

Air Freight

While moving furniture to Italy by plane might be the fastest option – and it is, by some distance – there is a notable downside. Air freight is notoriously expensive. For particularly popular destinations, you may have to wait before you can secure a shipping date too, since space is limited on cargo flights.

Sea Freight

Moving furniture to Italy by boat is a much more cost-effective proposition. Since cargo ships are built to much larger dimensions than their airborne equivalents, they can ship hundreds of times more containers, albeit at a slower pace. Striking a balance between speed and price is fundamental to figuring out the best shipping solution for you.

Solo Load

When sending large items overseas, the costs are calculated by the number of shipping containers you use. If you are prepared to absorb the cost, moving furniture to Italy can offer a significant reduction in transport time. Of course, this does mean you’re paying more per item, if you’re only sending over a few pieces.

Shared Load

A shared load (also known as groupage shipping) is exactly that – a method of shared cargo space and shipping costs with another person (or persons). Rather than taking up an entire shipping container by yourself, we keep hold of your furniture and other possessions in a storage facility until we have enough items from you and other clients to fill the container. In this way, the freight costs are split between you, resulting in a significant saving.

Cheapest Way to Move Furniture to Italy

For most people, the cheapest way of moving furniture to Italy combines both shared shipping arrangements and shipping by sea. Of course, while these services are cheaper they also take longer for your furniture and other large items to arrive.

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Whatever method you choose for moving furniture to Italy, Movewise can help you out. Our experienced team of international shipping experts will find you the most cost-effective method for shipment. To discuss your options and receive a free, no-obligation quote, call us today on 01543 525 895, or email us at