Removal Companies UK to Italy

Removal Companies UK to Italy

Should I Use Removal Companies When Moving from UK to Italy?

If you’re moving from the UK to Italy, there are many things you need to arrange beforehand. Key among these is what to do with your personal effects and belongings. Some essentials you can take with you, of course, but what about bigger items like appliances, furniture, collectables, and so on?


One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to transport your belongings is to use international removal companies. Movewise has helped thousands of customers ship their possessions from the UK to Italy over the years. These are just some of the reasons it might be the best fit for you:

A Door-to-Door Service

Using removal companies to ship your belongings from the UK to Italy saves you the hassle of dealing with international transfer points. Instead of arranging pick-ups and drop-offs at various ports, holding facilities, and other stops on the journey, you can leave it to the professionals. At Movewise, we provide and end-to-end shipping solution, where every stop is controlled by us or our Italian service partners.

Cost-Effective Shipping

Arranging your own shipping from the UK to Italy can prove very expensive, since most freight operators charge per shipping container, regardless of how much you’re actually sending across. Here at Movewise, we offer you a shared shipping service (known as groupage), where your belongings are shipped with our other customers’ items, allowing you to split the cost between you.

A Complete Shipping Service

Removal companies don’t just ship your items from your current address to your new home. We offer a range of additional services too. These include packing up your belongings ready for travel, disassembling your furniture and other large items, and – of course – handling the shipping and customs paperwork on your behalf.

Safe, Secure Shipping

By hiring established removal companies like Movewise, you can be sure that your belongings are in safe hands. We keep a close eye on your items at every stage of their journey from the UK to Italy. If you want to know where your shipment is at any given time, use us as your sole point of contact. For your added peace of mind, we also make sure your belongings are fully-insured for the length of their journey.

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