Removals to Italy Costs

Removals to Italy Costs

What Are The Costs of Removals to Italy?

When arranging removals to Italy, costs are a major part of any plan. With so many other costs associated with emigrating abroad, many people forget about removals fees altogether, which often makes them unprepared and facing a gap in their finances. With that said, what sort of thing should you expect from your shipping costs?

Here at Movewise Ltd, we have been helping ex-pats with their removals to Italy – costs and all – for a long time. We’re confident we can help you find the most cost-effective solution.


Here are some of the most common costs, fees, and charges you are likely to face when transporting your possession to your new home.

Removals to Italy: Shipping Costs

For removals to Italy, costs of shipping are measured by volume. Your belongings will be freighted to Europe in a large shipping container with a set price per unit. For most of us, even clearing our entire house of possessions is rarely enough to fill one of these shipping containers, which can result in paying over the odds for smaller loads.

Removals to Italy: Other Costs

In addition to your shipping fees, there are other costs associated with removals to Italy – costs like Customs charges, documentation, and transporting your items overland to your new property. Something people often forget about it packing up their belongings in the first place. Any possessions being shipped abroad need to meet certain standards in how they are packed, which may require the services of a professional packing company.

Reducing the Cost of Removals to Italy

At Movewise Ltd, we are committed to keeping your removals to Italy costs low. We off groupage shipping (also known as part load shipping), where you items are combined with those of another customers (or customers) and shipped in a single container. This service can significantly reduce your shipping costs, as they are split between however many customers are sharing a container.

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