Removals to Italy from UK

Removals to Italy from UK

Arranging Removals to Italy from UK Addresses

When relocating to Italy, it’s worth taking the time to look at your various options for shipping your belongings to the continent. Transporting your life’s possessions to another country needs some careful planning and forethought if you want it to go smoothly.


Fortunately for our customers across the UK, Movewise Ltd is here to help…

Removals to Italy from UK

We have decades of experience helping customers with their removals to Italy from the UK. These are some of our most popular services…

Packing and Inventory

Moving house in the UK is easy – at least in terms of packing up your belongings. Removals to Italy from the UK, on the other hand, tend to get a little more complicated. Not only do your possessions needs to follow strict packing guidelines for overseas shipping, you also need to keep a detailed inventory for Customs officers at the Italian end of their journey. At Movewise Ltd, we can help you with this, providing a full packing and inventory service for all our customers.

Direct Removals to Italy from UK

Direct shipping is a fast, efficient, and simple freight solution for anybody moving overseas. We pick up your possessions from your home in the UK, transfer them to a shipping container, and ship them to the continent on the first ship that becomes available. Our local delivery partners are there to meet the shipment at the other end and will transport it direct to your door. Direct removals tends to be quite expensive, as freight companies charge a flat fee per shipping container, regardless of whether it is filled or not.

Part Load Removals to Italy from UK

A more cost-effective way of shipping removals to Italy from the UK is groupage or part load shipping. As the name suggests, your belongings will share a shipping container with those of another customer (or customers) also bound for Italy. Sending them all over as a single shipment means that the freight cost is split between you, resulting in a considerable reduction. Part loads tend to incur a slight delay in shipping (usually 2-6 weeks) largely while we collate all our customers’ possessions together.

Door-to-Door Removals to Italy from UK

However your belongings are shipped to the continent, once they arrive in Italy, they will be met by our local delivery partners. We have worked with these professional couriers for many years and we trust them to deliver the same high standard of service to our customers as we do ourselves. Their extensive knowledge of the country and its local geography ensures a prompt and safe delivery, right to your door.

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