Removals to Italy Part Loads

Removals to Italy Part Loads

Arranging Removals to Italy in Part Loads

Moving abroad is always a costly endeavour, wherever you’re relocating to, and Italy is no exception. Not only do you need to find yourself a new home in a foreign country, you also have to deliver with the various administrative fees and charges that accrue as part of the emigration process. It’s no surprise that many prospective ex-pats are on the look out for ways to reduce these outgoings.


Here at Movewise Ltd, we know that when it comes to organising removals to Italy, part loads offer a quick and convenient way to minimise the expense.

Removals to Italy – Part Loads

There are several ways to go about shipping your belongings to Italy, but the most popular options are single loads and groupage (also called part loads). A single load is exactly what it sounds like – your possessions are packed up and loaded into their own shipping container and immediately shipped to an Italian port near your new home. With a groupage service, your belongings are collected from your home and storage at our secure warehousing facility to await similar shipments from other customers also bound for Italy. Only when we have enough cargo to fill a shipping container do we send the entire shipment overseas. Since sea freight is charged by the container, this means that the cost of shipping is split between you and our other customers, giving you a significant reduction in cost.

Pros and Cons of Part Load Removals to Italy

As discussed above, the key advantage of part load removals to Italy is the reduction of shipping fees. Our customers get the same high standard of service as they would with any single load shipping, including delivery right to your door by our trusted Italian delivery partners. Of course, since we have to wait on other customers’ belongings before we can ship in the first place, you will experience a delay in receiving your items – anywhere from two to six weeks.

Are Shared or Part Load Removals to Italy Right For Me?

When arranging removals to Italy, part loads are often the most efficient and cost-effective solutions of the various options available. However, different people have different requirements and decision is ultimately down to you. If you think you can live without your larger items (including your furniture) for a few weeks, you will almost certainly save money with groupage shipping. If you’re not sure what’s best for you, or simply need some advice, the team at Movewise Ltd is here to help.

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