Move Furniture to Spain

Move Furniture to Spain

Cheapest Way to Move Furniture to Spain

When moving your furniture to a new country, you have plenty of options available to you, but finding the most cost-effective method isn’t always easy. Here at Movewise Ltd, we have years of experience helping our customers find the cheapest way to move furniture to Spain.

These are just a few of the things that you need to consider…

Air Freight

We’re not going to lie to you – shipping furniture by plane is about as expensive as you would expect it to be. That, of course, is when you can arrange for air freight for you furniture and larger possessions in the first place. With space at a premium and weight a serious consideration, expect to pay a large sum for this removals to Spain service.

Sea Freight

Sending your furniture to Spain by boat is much most cost-effective. Ships can be built to much larger dimensions and, thanks to the wonders of buoyancy, the are unlikely to be affected by the weight. Naturally, a delivery by sea takes considerably longer than the same cargo by air.

Solo Load

Overseas shipments tend to be calculated and charged by standard shipping container sizes. Having a container to yourself means you transport your belongings as soon as they are ready to go, reducing delivery times to your new home. However, if you only have a few pieces to ship, you will pay a lot more, per item.

Shared Load

A shared load is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than having a shipping container all to yourself, it is shared between several shipping clients. While it can take a little longer to get delivered, as the shipping agent must wait for enough customers to fill he crate, the cost is then split between however many people are sharing. This can result in a significant saving.

Cheapest Way to Move Furniture to Spain

As you can see, the cheapest way to move furniture to Spain is a combination of shipping by sea and taking advantage of a shared load service. As with all the removals solutions available, the cheaper the service, the longer it is likely to take, so you will need to decide which aspect is highest priority for you.

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