Removal Companies UK to Spain

Removal Companies UK to Spain

Should I Use Removal Companies When Moving from UK to Spain?

When moving from the UK to Spain, an important thing to consider is what to do with all your belongings? While you can certainly take a suitcase or two with you on your outbound flight, that is not going to cover your furniture, collectables, appliances, and other large items.

There are plenty of ways to go about it, but none of them offers the same scale of service international removal companies. Here at Movewise, we have been helping our customers ship their belongings from the UK to Spain for decades. Over the years, we have taken the time to listen to them about why they choose our service.


These are just a few of the reasons given…

A Door-to-Door Service

When you try to ship your belongings over to your new home by yourself, you have to deal with all the transfers that take place between the UK and Spain. This includes taking your container of belongings over by road to one of our many ports, arranging for the air or sea freight to the continent, and then book passage from there to a shipping depot that might be miles from your Spanish residence. Removal companies like Movewise pick-up your furniture and belongings at your old home, tracking them throughout the journey from the UK to Spain. We have our own delivery partners on the content who will bring your items to your new home.

Cost-Effective Shipping

Shipping your belongings overseas can prove expensive. Most freight companies charge by the container, which often means you are paying for empty space. At Movewise, you can opt for groupage shipping, which combines your belongings with those of another customer, splitting the costs.

A Complete Shipping Service

As well as getting your belongings onto the continent, removal companies like Movewise are able to help with other aspects of your move. These can include disassembling your furniture and packing your belongings to maximise space on the shipping container. We also prepare and complete also customs paperwork for the removals to Spain.

Safe, Secure Shipping

The biggest advantage of using established removal companies like Movewise when moving from the UK to Spain is that we keep an eye on your goods at each step. Instead of juggling with half a dozens haulage, freight, and delivery firms, we become your sole point of contact. We know where your belongings are at any given time and we see that they are fully-insured for your added peace of mind.

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