Removals to USA

Removals to USA

Remvoals to USA

The United States is one of the most popular destinations for those ex-patriots who are lucky enough to fulfil the country’s strict visa and immigration requirements. Around 15% of the USA’s population is made up of expats from around the world, including many from the UK.


Here at Movewise Ltd, we have helped UK citizens with their removals to the USA for a long time and we have a good idea of the states and cities that are especially popular for British expats.

These are just a few of them…

Austin, Texas

Austin has a strong emphasis on culture and the arts, as well as vast outdoor spaces and venture capital investments. With low tax rates at both a local and state level, expats can benefit from a low cost-of-living and access to affordable public events.

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara boasts the shortest commute of all major cities in America, with an average commute time of 20 minutes or less. This makes it a popular place for expats looking to work in the States. In addition, it has low crime rates and beautiful local architecture – a throwback to its Spanish colonial heritage.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Despite its city status, Colorado Springs has a small-town feel to it. With high-quality public services (including public parks, schools, and sports facilities) it’s a great location for expats moving to the States with their family.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Fayetteville has a thriving local economy, being home to seven companies currently listed in the Fortune 500. This means it has a strong job sector for locals and newcomers alike. In addition, it benefits from low crime rates and house prices, making it the perfect location for a new start.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster is another affordable city, with the average house price sitting somewhere under $200,000. It is highly-ranked for its healthcare access and low crime rates and is made up of a combination of suburban areas and farms, giving it a pleasant, family-friendly feel.

Take Advantage of Local Knowledge

Here at Movewise Ltd, we combine our experience with international shipping with local American delivery partners to ease the movement of your removals to USA. These trusted local carriers complete the transfer of your belongings from whichever port they make landfall. They are chosen as our delivery partners thanks to their knowledge of the local area and for sharing our commitment to customer service.


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